SUSANNA IKEBANA a dream comes true……

I was born in a beautiful country called Switzerland
where I grew up and lived for many years
My culture is a mix of swiss, spanish and italian influences but my roots are Mediterranean
Since I was a little girl, I was listening to music many hours per day. I like different styles classical, pop, rock and soul
But I am especially fascinated by the movie industry and the film scoring
After facing difficult times in my life, I decided to live 100% my passion for music and to take lessons of piano
The piano comes into my life naturally. I do believe is one of the best instruments to wake up emotions, feelings and LOVE


At the beginning,
I was very much impressed by the piano but step by step I discovered my talent in composing my own music.
My melodies are inspired by my life, the nature and special situations or circumstances

Music is my passion and the essence of my life. I perform in concert in Europe, and I also work for the Cinema industry (soundtracks, music for movies, documentaries, commercials advertising and podcasts).



I produce my own music and I also do all the arrangements musical inherent. I have my own professional recording studio with a library of over 1000 instruments and sound effects.
In this regard, it is important to underline that I followed a «filmscoring» course in Madrid in 2018 from the renowned American composer Christopher YOUNG, who is, among others, the author of the soundtrack of Spiderman, Jennifer 7 and more recently The Empty Man.
My concerts are different often combining images on the big screen simultaneously while I’m playing.
I paid a tribute to Charlie Chaplin in concert in 2020 by making a little video clip «City of the Lights» and creating a composition inspired by silent film.
I also give Candlelight-type concerts accompanied by other musicians (guitarist, violinist, and cellist).
My melodies are generally inspired by nature, circumstances of life, people, and their emotions.

Until today,

I have composed my own music, released in the following CD recorded and produced by my company «Life is a Gift by Ikebana S.L»
WINGS 2020
(original soundtrack)
SUMMER 2022 (special album)
“I perform with my soul because Music is my Life and Love is my Energy”


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