Susanna Ikebana

Pianist, music composer & producer of Swiss nationality with Spanish and Italian origins.

Born in Bern, she grew up in Geneva where she kicks off her professional career in the banking industry.

This artist, with an eclectic background, begins in the music industry after a series of significant events that happened later in her life.

She takes piano lessons with a professor emeritus who will have a significant impact on her trajectory and help her to discover her passion for music.

Until now, she cannot imagine her daily life without a piano.

Because of her ties with the French culture, Susanna Ikebana develops her music career primarily in Paris, also in Canada, and the United States, choosing the last one because it is the most important reference in the filming industry.
Instinctively, she creates her own style unleashing her sensitivity, and creativity, with a keen sense of romanticism. She also writes and produces music in other contemporary styles, adding elements from the audio-visual world (art & advertising).
She finds inspiration from her own emotions, nature, and life while generating her melodies and pieces. As an inveterate movie-lover, she listens, observes, and gets inspired by the greatest writers whom she learns from.
Furthermore, she has also been taught by great American composer Christopher Young, author, among others, of the soundtracks from Spider-Man, Jennifer 8, and The Empty Man.
SUSANNA IKEBANA had the opportunity to perform in various international venues and gave «Candlelight» concerts in Europe with the recognition by the public and critics. She also made tribute to English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer Charlie Chaplin; with her composition entitled «Rainy Day” inspired by silent film.
She devotes the greatest part of her time writing music and composing special sound effects (soundtracks) for films, documentaries, and advertisements.
She has her own recording studio where she writes, records, and produces her music under her private label LIFE IS A GIFT BY IKEBANA S.L., in Marbella, Malaga, Spain.
In her wide and vast music collection, it should be noted one of her last pieces entitled
“TRISTESSE” which contains the poem “mes derniers pas sans toi” by the novelist and director of the Parisian magazine «PAS VU, PAS LU”, Stéphane Théri, whose free translation into Spanish has been carried out by Grenadian writer and historian, José Luís Aguilera. He has used the same piece for the promotion of his novel «La Sombra de Cyrano». DJ Wiktor Baranyi made a special collaboration in the remix of her piece that can be noticed in her latest creation entitled “PARTY”.
Last but not least, Susanna creates the whole soundtrack of “OUVRE LES YEUX – LES ALGUES” by video maker Maxent Foulon, documentary that was awarded with the prestigious prize Golden GALATHEA, under the category “Environment»